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    Everyone seems to love their VX8300. I have Cingular, so I've been looking at the CU500. But the VX8300 seems to have everything that the CU500 has, and a few more options.

    Both have high speed internet, with the EV-DO coming out on top because it can have a higher throughput. Both have all the same options except the VX8300 appears to have Voice Dialing and GPS, which the CU500 doesn't have. The VX8300 also supposedly supports 2 gig memory sims. I don't know if the CU500 will support 2 gigs. Also, the main display of the VX8300 has 18 bit colors, where the CU500 has 16 bit colors.

    The CU500 has GSM modes supported though, but that isn't an issue for me. My contract is complete with Cingular, so I could switch over. But is the VX8300 the better phone?

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    Re: VX8300 vs. CU500

    From what I hear, Cingular is less *****y about their software, meaning that it's easier to get songs onto the CU500. I think you can even use it as an external hard drive, but don't quote me on that. But other than that, I think the 8300 is the better (and the better-looking) phone.
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