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    How do I get my phone to show restricted when someone recieves a call from me?

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    Re: Restricted

    *67 on verizon network, not sure if thats for all networks. Just dial *67 and then the number all together. If you want it to be permanent you need to contact Verizon Customer Service and they can make it so every call you make blocks your number

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    Re: Restricted

    dial *67 but there are ways for ppl to get around this now

    "Ok there are two things ytou can do. if u are verizon get do not disturb.... its 2.99 monthly or 16 something unlimited. but its pretty nice. you can block specific numbers, toll free/unknown numbers, private numbers (ppl who dial *67), and block calls during certain hours. It blocks these calls for you and keeps a record of them for you.

    Also for those pesky people who call restricted to prank you or what not, get trapcall. the basic plan is free...it allows you to show blocked numbers. its not spam it works and doesn't ask for any credit card numbers. what it does is the call comes through as restricted. press ignore...the call will go through their system and a couple seconds later you'll get a call back from the same person but the number will show. the person will never know. (tip: if you have a ringback tone the ring back tone will play until it gets put thru the system at which time it will switch to just ringing.) its a nice free way to get the numbers of those prankers or people who are harassing you. There are other plans that have more options but they cost "

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    where do i get trapcall from? just add it onto my plan for verizon or is it an app i must google for?

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