Hey folks

I require some assistance with my LG B2150.

I do not know if these are common problems, so forgive me if I sound ignorant.

When I am using Java MDIP2.0 I sometimes get an error message when downloading Java Applets complaining of no memory. I think it might be an incompatible applet, but then again it is MDIP2.0 and it uses the same screen size as my cellphone has so it shouldn't pose a problem. I have deleted all my applets to make space for the one applet, but it did not seem to work.

They are mostly applets found on getjar.com (MSN Messenger related).

Another problem I'm experiencing is, while using gprs the phone sometimes just resets itself with a green screen, then it returns to the main screen (where it displays network information, time, etc.) and then I have to start from scratch again.

Any advice on this?



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