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    If I type a text message in T9, and hit "1" to do a period, and then hit space, it automatically inserts a seemingly random phone number from my contacts list.

    After playing with it for about 15 minutes, the only way I can get it to do a period is to switch to "abc" mode, hit "1", then hit space, then switch back to T9...

    ...this seems a little weird to me. Any insight?

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    Re: Weird T9 issue on my Fusic

    That is very odd...Just try typing one, then pushing the right arrow to make the period so it is no longer highlighted and then pressing space.

    I dont know if that would work, but I have never heard of such an odd issue with T9.

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    Re: Weird T9 issue on my Fusic

    hey.... i now have the Fusic too and its my first phone other than sanyo's for the past two years. personally, i should have stuck with the sanyo's they have NO problems and best service. the T9 on the fusic sucks because when i try to type "be" it puts "23" and i even switched to the numbers for that. anything you type, it remembers it for next time its so annoying!

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