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    Samsung A930 + Mac ... My problems

    Putting music on it...

    All of my music is in AAC format... the phone will only play music in WMA format (or that's what im told.) So first off I need to know a way to convert AAC to WMA.. a way that's free

    My next problem will be getting the music from the mac to the micro sdcard. Micro to Regular SD converter + Reader should do the trick. Then I'll just manually put the files onto the card.

    So basically, how to go about converting AAC to WMA

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    Re: Mac user with a Samsung A930

    According to phonescoop.com, the AAC files are supportedon the A930.

    Were these songs downloaded off iTunes, or simply ripped from a CD? If they're from the iTunes Music Store, they have protection on them and they can only be put on an iPod, CD, or a computer. However, there is a way to take that protection off. If you burn a CD of the desired protected music and import the songs (replacing the protected ones), it will take the protection off.
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