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    i have a question.

    i have a VX8300, i was told by 1 verizon store that a red dot indicated water damage and would void a warrenty.

    i have a white dot on my phone, i took it to verizon, at a different store, and they tell me the white dot indicates water damage.

    do they have different color indicators from the phone to the battery? or are they trying to get one over on me?

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    Re: what color does the dot turn when wet?

    They have different dot color indicators on certain phones. Contact LG and see about your phone's water damage sticker. I have seen some store reps get very fustrated when they were not told that the indicators were changed, then have to explain that to customers themselves.

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    Re: what color does the dot turn when wet?

    Hey, I never knew about this! Water damage stickers? mind taking a photo of it?

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    Re: what color does the dot turn when wet?

    It depends on the phone. The LG phones don't usually have the water indicators on the phone itself; it's usually on the battery. The indicator should be white with red dots all over it. If it has been wet, the indicator will turn a solid color which has changed a lot recently. It's usually red, but the indicator can get washed out and look white. They have also made them to turn either black or a very dark blue. In any case, the only way that it would NOT be water damaged would be if there were red dots on the sticker.

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