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    Sorry to be bombarding you guys with questions (especially paulcman), but my last question that I have, at least for now, is regarding the music essentials pack.

    What exact use does the Music Essentials pack contain? I realize that I can transfer audio files to and from using it, however, I cannot do with anything else?

    Once I do get my SD Micro card, could I not just get a card reader, which is somewhat cheaper, to transfer to and from both audio, photos AND video?

    Also, if you were in my situation, what reasons would there be to keep the cable over just using a card reader.

    Yeah, that's a healthy amount of questions. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    See More: "Music Essentials"...

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    Re: "Music Essentials"...

    In addition to the USB cable, the Music Essentials Kit contains the software drivers and application you need to sync your music directly to the phone (and the MicroSD card). You also get a pretty nice set of wired stereo headphones that double as a handsfree headset.

    Personally, I like the sync setup over using the card reader in my laptop. It is cleaner, quicker and easier than handling the card in and out of the phone. Let's face it, that is a tiny little peice of plastic and metal foil. I have some pretty big paws, and I worry about breaking it.

    Finally, for those of us who like to void our warranty by modding our phones, the Chocolate is very compatible with BitPim, using the included USB cable. For more details on BitPim, do a quick search of the forum, there are plenty of tutorials and tips available.

    And, don't warry about bombarding me (in partcular, since you mentioned me by name) with questions, that's what I am here for! i asked plenty of questions when I started out, I thought I was annoying people as well. The truth is, everybdy that comes to the forums has something to offer and certainly has something to learn. That's what this community is all about.
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