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    here's the situation: i totally busted the screen on my old phone, so i ordered a new one off ebay.

    i don't want to lose all of my old texts, ringtones, and most of my contacts (which were saved to the phone instead of the SIM, but that's a whole other issue), so i was thinking of just switching the screens out.

    however, i don't know how i would detach the tops of the phones. i opened the old one up, but the solution is not apparent.

    so what i'm asking is, does anybody here have experience disassembling these or similar phones, and would be able to shed some light on this issue?

    thanks much,

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    Re: so i want to take apart my phone (cg225)

    Oh! so you don't mind risking breaking the new phone... Now it's clear how the first one broke

    Just run it to the Shop and they'll transfer everything and nothing
    gets <-again.

    Or buy a cable and Do It yourself!

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