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    i use a micro sd with adapter to transfer music but i was wonderin if the lg vx8300 had a specific file format it need in order for the music files to be used as ringtones
    for like the samsung a950 of verizon, the format for the music has to be .qcp if u want to use the files as ringtones...

    so if anybody knows...plz post up!!

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    Re: lgvx8300 music format?

    You can not put ringtones on the phone using the memory card. You can, however, Pix Message the MP3 file to your phone. Just make sure it is approximately :30 in length (that is about average for a ringtone) and send it using your home e-mail client or a website like mobile17 - Send Music and Photos to your Cellphone, for FREE as Ringtones and Graphics! (Free Ringtones and Graphics for your Mobile Phone.).

    FYI - .qcp files are simply very, very, very highly compressed audio files.
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