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    Ok, I bought a LG535 with a 512mb memory stick. I can get the mp3's uploaded and playing on the phone via the sd card, and they work just fine. I've recently bought a usb data cable off ebay, but the cd that came with it was broken in two, which the person I bought it from won't send me a new one. I found the drivers and installed them on my machine, which is windows xp. I downloaded a copy of BitPim and tried to follow the instructions I found on uploading java games. Still nothing. The phone doesn't have anything in the Games folder on the phone, and has 3 applications installed on it.

    I need help getting java games installed onto it, because well I've got 1200 different java games which I've put on my old phone/friends cell phones just fine, and want to add them to this new phone.

    Any advice or programs to help make this easy, or better instructions would be a big help as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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    Re: LG-535 Need help

    The LG535 has dloadfun*Index.map files for ringers and images, along with a map file for what Jave apps are installed.

    Now, remember that these are byte-spaced and trying to edit them in Notepad will break the file. Ensure you've got yourself a decent hex-editor and make backups before editing. So many people forget to make backups and then render their purchased content useless.

    Any issues, let me know.
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