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    i'm looking into getting the new LG CU500 next week. i have looked at it in the store twice now, and i love it, but i have a few questions for the people who already have it...

    1.) can u record voice note thingys and then set then as ringtones because i read u couldn't, but i swear at the store i did cuz i wanted to make sure i could

    2.) how much memory is on the phone...like how much music can i put on w/o a memory card cuz i'm gonna wait a little while until i get one

    3.) whats the purpose of getting the phone unlocked? like i'm not gonna switch carriers, but are there any features that are unblocked, like banner etc if i do?

    4.) whats your opinion of the phone? is it worth the money? does it live up to its hype and expectations?

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    Re: LG CU500...i have a few questions

    2.) how much memory is on the phone...like how much music can i put on w/o a memory card cuz i'm gonna wait a little while until i get one

    I need this question answered too please!!

    Also, I really like the phone, you should def. check it out.

    Can anybody tell me the easiest way to transfer music on to the phone?

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    Re: LG CU500...i have a few questions

    1. I've had no such luck. It records as a .amr file and says the file type is not compatible. I'm still figuring it all out, but it doesn't look to bright.

    2. it looks to be around 15mb

    Judging by what I'm looking at it says 9903KB is in use with 5300KB free. Those 2 added up sounds to be about 15.

    3. Don't know, I just bought mine at a store.

    4. So far so good. I didn't want a crapperola and this was the most appealing phone they had to offer IMO. The font changes when you change the theme, thats just kind of weird. The camera doesn't auto rotate when you swivel it. The speaker phone works really well, call clarity is good, hasn't dropped any of my calls yet. The alarm works well. I just played with the guy at the stores phone and I really liked it. The phones shutter noise can be turned off and this is all in no random order. I like it so far.
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    Re: LG CU500...i have a few questions

    You need an unlocked phone to insert a different SIM card. If you buy a pre-charged phone SIM in another country, you can pop it in your own, unlocked phone and start making calls that will debit to the foreign SIM. Using Cingular's International plan is a killer! I spent $500 calling from France last year.

    I love the LG CU500! I returned the Samsung d807 slider phone - too many hokey features, bad design and quality - for this one. Gerat sound, great screen, lousy manual.

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    Re: LG CU500...i have a few questions

    sorry for digging up an old thread but i contacted LG and they said that is has 16mb of internal memory for songs, photos and such.

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    Re: LG CU500...i have a few questions

    To the best of my knowledge unblocking the phone only allows you to insert other service providers/carriers SIM cards.

    It doesn't unlock any features that your carrier has locked out. That requires flashing the firmware by either replacing the carrier firmware with the factory/original firmware or accessing specific features. All of which can potentially void any warranty if you screw up the process. I haven't decided if I'm going to try this on my cu500 yet. I might experiment on my old phone first.

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