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    hello all! First off, let me say that I am new to this forum and i am very evry sorry if i break any rules in my posts, but i am being rushed and i need an answer ASAP for my question. . .Anyways, i just recently (today actually) bought a micro sd card for my LG VX8600, and it is working fine. . sort of. . .the thing is i formatted my card, put allt he songs i wanted to onto the "My Music" section of the card, but for some reason i am still missing about 40 songs. Right now i have only 74 songs out of 115 songs on my phone,a nd i was wondering what i might be doing wrong?? can anyone please help me out because i really want those 41 songs added onto my phone lol. . .thanx in advance

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    Re: Not all my songs are beign transfered. . .

    same problem here!!

    I downloaded mp3s (no wma's, etc.) directly to my formatted micro SD card. Then I put it in my vx8600 and it adds the songs to the library....but it looks like it only recognizes and plays like 24 out of the 40 I put on the micro SD card.

    I'd be very interested to know what's gonig on here. Could it be that the length or format of the filename has something to do about it?

    ps....Merry Christmas....almost.

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    Re: Not all my songs are beign transfered. . .

    this problem has been answered many, many times before here. You need to make sure there are no symbols or characters in the name of the song ( no &, *, (, ), %, etc).

    Also, the name of the song cannot be over 24 characters long.
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    Re: Not all my songs are beign transfered. . .

    You also want to be sure that the music is not protected (DRM or iTunes AAC files). Your phone will not be able to play your securely purchased/downloaded music.
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