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    I just got a pair of bluetooth headphones to use with my vx8300, the motorola ht820. Reviews said they had excellent sound quality, but using them as a headset wouldn't get the quality, only using them with a2dp. Now I have them hooked up, but the sound quality is crap. I can't figure out how to enable a2dp, if there is such a command. I have SW version ending in 01, and my mp3s are enabled using the "hidden" menu, and I've tried pairing them differently, but nothing happens differently, I still get the same choppy sound quality. Will I need to upgrade to V3 at my VZW store? I heard some rumors that this removes all possibility of pairing with the bluetooth headset but also that it will enable listening to mp3s through the verizon player. Anyone know of a solution? Thanks a lot for anyone who can help!

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    Re: VX8300, HT820, and a2dp

    Get your phone upgraded to the latest firmware, that is why you are having so many problems.
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