I am pissed! I just bought the LG 245 cellphone at Walmart and activated it with Telus. I bought this phone becuase I was interested in the bluetooth technology for data transfer. Nowhere on the box did this product say that Bluetooth was NOT available in Canada (only for the headset). I found this out AFTER I activated the phone with Telus.
I wrote to LG and all they said was sorry...and passed the buck to Telus who they claim have ordered all phones to Canada with missing software for data transfer with the bluetooth!!

Is there a way I can hack into this phone, or download the needed missing software with a usb cable? I wanted the bluetooth so that I can download the photos I take with the camera on this phone, and so that I can copy ringtones and games to the phone.

The phone also claims to have games on it, but of course there are NONE.
I can't stand it when a company gives false advertising! Too late for me to take the phone back now, it's already activated and I've put $75 worth of credits on it with pay as you go.
Please respond in laymans terms as I am new to this whole cellphone technology and don't know anything about the programs used to hack into the phone or download, upload pics.

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