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    I have an LG6100 and i was working fine yesterday afternoon, but a couple hours later i went to make a call and i couldn't. my scoll up and down keys weren't responding. i would randomly dial numbers, it would just punch in random numbers, i try to text and only a couple of the keys would work. i can get incomeing calls but cant open up my contacts list or dial any numbers. if i set the phone down closed it starts beeping and lighting up and doing some crazy stuff lol. the same thing happened to my dads phone a month or so ago. so i'm thinking this a common thing, but i did and search and didn't find anything. i have my moms old lg6100 and it work find with my mom and dad got razors. can i fix my phone? if not do these phones have sim cards so i can transfer all my data from my phone to my moms old phone? i have bitpm but its not letting upload my contacts list, it says phones corrupt. any ideas? thanks.

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    Re: 6100 with a mind of its own.

    has it been near water / a lot of humidity lately?

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