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    Hi, I have recently purchased the LG shine (KE970). I bought a 2G micro SD to store files, but whenever I connect my phone to my computer, it shuts down my phone. At first thought I thought it was because the phone couldn't handle 2G cards, so I tried a 1G.. (3 different cards from different brands). it still shuts down my phone whenever I connect it to the computer.

    If I take the memory card out, I'm able to connect my phone to my computer, transfer files etc w/o any problems. and I can move the files from my phone memory to my memory card just fine as long as I don't connect the computer.

    Can anyone tell me what the problem is? and what I need to do to fix it?

    Thanks a million in advance~

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    Re: LG SHINE storage problem. help!

    Hard to say what's going on here. What kind of connection? (bluetooth, usb?)

    Simple solution, get a card reader if you don't already have one and load files onto the card with that instead of trying to do so through the phone.

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