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    Yesterday, my LG 5200 started showing just a blue screen when I opened it up. The outside screen seemed to be breaking up. When I took the battery out and restarted, the screen was ok for a few minutes, and then went to blue again.

    I can turn it on and off, but I'm not getting any calls.

    I'm not really concerned about this phone except that I have photos on it that I don't want to lose. I understand from LG that Verizon can download my contacts. Is there anything I can to retrieve the photos and text messages (including some special ones from my wife....)?


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    Re: LG 5200 fading fast

    I've just experienced the same thing, and its aggravating!Im buying a samsung, but for the time being I need this. My guess is that there are wires or something that have came lose(The phone is over a year old, and banged UP!), so thats my guess.

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    Re: LG 5200 fading fast

    I thought that Verizon told me that you can't use a cable to take photos from the phone. Instead, they said email the photos or send them to Pix Place. Are they wrong? I hope so!

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    Re: LG 5200 fading fast

    Bitpim will indeed take photo's and everything else off the phone. Download bitpim (use the link provided above).

    Before istalling or running bitpim you must have a data cable and the drivers for that cable installed on your computer. If you don't, don't even bother with bitpim until you do.

    Once you have the drivers on your system, plug the data cable into your phone and the computer and install and run bitpim.

    Have bitpim search for your phone. Once it has found it, there will be a tree on the left hand side of items on your phone, just click on each one, and it will bring what up what they are on the left side of your screen. You now have the option of saving, deleting, etc any content that may be on your phone.
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