hey guys, I just got the lg 800 chocolate, and I got the usb with it, and its the one from bell, and I downloaded this thing from the bell website and its called "music backup" and every time I try and hook up my usb cable, I go to "menu/tools/media storage" and click yes, and it says "usb connected to computer" and then I click on the application(music backup) and it tells me it cannot find the phone, and since today is sunday bell is closed, so there is no point in calling them, so I thought I would make my way over here and find out if I'm doing anything wrong, or if its just my usb cable, because we got a family plan, me my younger brother, and my parents, so we have four usb transfer cables, and none of them are working, so I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong, plus I did the troubleshooting on the bell website so...it also might be our phones, I really don't know to be honest, so if you guys could help that would be great =)

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