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    So i was canoeing, fell in, phone get drenched...typical story. I would say it was submerged for like 2 or 3 minutes. I tried to turn it back on initially, nothing happened. I took the battery out and let dry for about an hour, turned on, the backlight came on and it made bunch of noises...throughout the day i repeated the process of taking the battery out, setting in the sun, and then tryin to turn on...by about 8 hours later, the phone would turn on, the outside thing with the time and service would be displayed, and if i typed in a number i could make a call, but the screen only shows up as completely blue...i've heard numerous different things like the fact that i've been turning it on occasionally has made it impossible to get better and i've also heard that perhaps it will be completely better by t/m if i leave it out in the sun....any suggestions? i really don't wanna have to buy another one

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    Re: LG C2000....soaked

    Sorry.....but it sounds like your going to have to buy a new phone.

    You should not have turned the phone back on at all. What you should have done was taken the battery out and let it and the unit dry out for like a day and then tried to use it.

    It might not have made a difference as most of the time, water damage is permanent and almost always instant. But by turning it back on right away, you pretty much ruined your chances of saving the phone.
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