I bought a LG 3280 from Radioshack with the Tracfone logo.They specifically said I would have to subscribe to the service separately so I assumed I could pick my provider.I understand CDMA phones don't have the GSM lock problem and can use OTA from any carrier.

I picked a Verizon re-seller because they are the only carrier that covers my rural location.My re-seller nor his support desk can activate this phone.It accepts the new phone number but I cannot add the time I purchased.

After OTA programming the Tracfone logo remains on the display and it shows no airtime and will not place a call.I bought extra airtime and received a Airtime Pin but this Pin is not recognized by the fone.

The support folks are no help and are indeed lost and I emailed Tracfone to de-activate my phone in case they defeated my OTA capabilities and have not heard from them.I figure Radioshack can't help as they just sell the things so I have had a new phone for a week and can't use it.

Any ideas/help would be muchly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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