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    Hey, I am finally getting rid of my old phone and i'm getting a new one.

    I remember a while ago I stopped by a cingular kiosk and the CU500 was my favorite phone at the time (6+ months ago).
    There is no cingular store by us, and best buy is the only place. Unfortunately they don't have the batteries in the phones, so you can't test out the menus or features (which is really stupid I think, oh well. Its like buying a car without driving it first).

    I have some questions.

    1. How is the LG CU500 vs. the Samsung a707 SYNC?

    2. How is the CU500 in general?

    3. I recall when I looked at the CU500 before, it had an awesome ringtone with a catchy tune and a women's voice saying "life is good..." Does anyone have this ringtone on their LG phone that they could maybe upload or send me somehow? Does this ringtone come on all cu500 phones? I am picky about my tones and I actually loved that one. Id like to have it

    4. i heard that it has only 16mb of memory. how much memory max can it have, and how much would this memory cost? (say... 1 or 2gb)

    im on 56k so all these questions i could easily ansewr, but i cant be arsed taking 10 seconds to load google homepage

    Anything else would be helpful. Thanks guys

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