I just got the AX 8600 and a 2gb SD card.

Using adapters, and a USB reader, I know how to put mp3's onto the SD card - dragging and dropping them into the "music" folder on the card, which I have formated.

I can get the songs to play on my phone.

However, they are very unorganized.

Eventhough all of my mp3's are tagged the same, with track numbers, some songs show up without an artist on my phone.

And, within each album, the songs are out of order. I hit the "sort by name" feature, and they go in order. But when I get out of the folder and go back in, they are a mess again.

*Can anyone give me any pointers on how to organize the mp3's on my card so the phone will actually read them correctly?

Thanks in advance!!!

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