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    Hi Everyone,
    I've been having a problem with the media player on my Fusic. I've loaded my media card(microSD 1gig), with mp3's from my computer and try to play them on the media player. The songs start playing and then all of a sudden stop. Every song stops at a different point, and a few play all the way through. The mp3's have all been ripped from cd's and play fine on my computer or on my IRiver Clix media player, so I know the files aren't corrupt. I was thinking of getting a stereo bluetooth headset to listen to music, but it doesn't make sense if the media player doesn't work right. Has anyone else had this problem? I would appreciate any suggestions, fixes, or links. Thanks in advance for the help, its very frustrating when you buy a phone because of the media capabilities and it doesn't work!!!

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    Re: LG Fusic media player

    Have you tried both of the media players?

    Unfortunately, to switch between them you need to move the files from one directory to the ohter.

    Media player: media directory
    Sprint Music Store player: music directory

    You also didn't mention the bitrate that you made the MP3s...that could be a problem...but I really don't know too much about what the phone can "handle"...but if you started at a high bitrate, try going with a lower one.


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