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    I've noticed reviewers and people on this board cite the loud earpiece volume of the VX8300. I just got this phone, and my impression is quite different. The volume is fine, but nowhere near as loud as my old VX3200. With my old phone, I'd hold it an inch away from my ear and hear very well. With the 8300, at the highest volume setting I need to have it flush against my ear (which I'd rather not have to do). Is this consistent with others' experiences with the 8300? I just want to make sure my phone is working properly. (Though if anyone knows some nonobvious way to increase the volume, I'd love to hear it.) Thanks!

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    I have actually noticed the opposite. I usually have mine on Medium. This is quite good. Now and then I push it to Med/high if I am in a noisy place or talking to a soft spoken person. I have never used High. I would take your phone in and have it looked at.

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