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    I purchased a VX8100 for my wife who has a difficult time with instruction manuals...a true mental block towards them. Anyway, she is on the East coast and I'm in Calif for the time being and I would like to get her set up on a bluetooth headset.

    I read the manual and between the two of us, we can't seem to figure out how to turn on the bluetooth function in the phone.

    Would appreciate it if someone would set down a step-by-step method of accessing and then turning on this function. Is it a matter of first turning on the function and then pairing, or is it a one-step function? The manual only mentions pairing up and not how to turn on bluetooth with this model.

    The headset is a Soyo BTWLHS01 which I've used with other phones so I'm sure it isn't the problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: VX8100 Bluetooth Setup Help?

    You have to turn on bluetooth on the phone and then pare the devices.

    The bluetooth menu should be under settings and tools > bluetooth > on. Under the same menu you can pare a device. The headset must be is 'discover mode', which is usually just pressing and holding down a button on the device till a light turns another color or flashes.

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