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    So i recently picked up a LG vx8350 for both me and my girl.

    Its a bit awkward to get used to the menu's coming from a nextel i850, but no big deal.

    A few questions

    I have put ringtones onto my card and put in phone, the only way the phone will see them is if i put them in the "my music" folder. But now they arent listed under ringtones.

    So how do i make it so they will show up when i click on "my ringtones"

    Also is there a way to get games onto the phone without downloading through the phone? In otherwords can i download them and put on sd card?

    Thanks very much, and i am new here so be gentle!

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    Re: vx8350 ~ Some help please

    The answer to both of your questions is NO!

    You can not put ringtones or games on your memory card. The phone simply will not read them.

    Games can only be downloaded from Get It Now (Verizon's download portal) as they are BREW format, and not available anywhere else.

    Ringtones can be sent to your phones in PIX messages ([email protected]) then "save as ringtone".
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