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    I got 2 LG8350's free when renewing my contract. The rep highly recommended the 8350 as well I read a positive review on CNET. This phone has been a tremendous disappointment. My 8350 has the most annoying, screeching feedback about 30% of the time. At first I thought I was picking up someone else's conversation till I realized I was hearing myself, but in a screeching way. I called tech support for Verizon, they instructed me to turn the volume down which had not helped. Another time Verizon "reset" something on their end, had me remove the battery, restart the phone, but still happening. I'll be sending this phone back.
    My daughter got an 8350 but her problem is sometimes when she makes a call, she can hear the person she calls but we cannot hear her. She accidently discovered if her phone is plugged in (even if fully charged), we can hear her. If she unplugs her phone during the conversation, the recepient of her call cannot hear her again. Her 8350 goes back also.
    Another disappointment is battery life. Both 8350 phones are down to 2 bars by the end of the day, and that may include 1 hour talk time. I have turned off the vibrate, and set screen display times to 5 or 7 seconds. Tech support told me the battery should last about 1 week with no use.
    The rep said he does not get complaints about the 8350, that our scenarios are unusual. Any recommendations for phones? thanx for everyones input.


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    Re: LG8350 great disappointment

    I just got my 8350 yesterday. Already I don't like it as much as my old Samsung. Some of the things you don't like I read about in the reviews on CNET, but I still took a chance on it because some people really liked it and I don't need all the fancy features of a lot of the other phones Verizon offers. Have you noticed that most of the expert reviews discuss the advanced features of these phones but almost never tell us how well it operates as a phone? Makes it hard to pick one out.

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    Re: LG8350 great disappointment

    My battery does last for days (I don't use the phone for hours at a time, though) -- My service is better and places where I could not get service, I now do. But, the ringtones are AWFUL! And i have made several ringtones from songs, but I don't want to have to pay $.25 each time I send a ringtone to my phone! I have tried uploading them to the memory card, but the phone does not recognize them. Sorry your luck has been bad with the phone.

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    Re: LG8350 great disappointment

    For more information on the 8350:

    LG VX-8350 - Phone Database - Cell Phone Forums

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