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    This is my first LG phone ... ive usually been a motorola guy... however so far i love my new red lg shine. I do have a few ?s though... pretty basic im sure but new to the LG stuff like i said.

    I am just curious about the "slot" on the very top of the phone. It looks like this little rubber plug might come out and i was curious if that was there for any reason or if that is an actual like data port or something like that. I am paranoid about my electronics and I dont want to scratch my phone trying to get that thing out if its nothing.

    second ? is prolly pretty easy ... what kind of cord do i need to connect this thing to a PC so that i can change my backgrounds and upload my custom made wallpapers and things like that to my phone.

    last thing im just kinda curious about ... i know the phone seems pretty durable but does anyone have an opinion on its actual durability? Like i said im very paranoid about phones and electronics and i simply cannot stand scratches or blemishes so durability and cleanliness is a must for me.

    Thanks for your time and any information about this phone will be greatly appreciated!!! So far I am very happy with my new LG phone!!

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    Re: LG shine questions

    I think that top plug is for an external antenna. Either that or a screw.

    Why not just use bluetooth instead of a data cable?

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    Re: LG shine questions

    my shine does not have it. can you post a pic of it?

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    Re: LG shine questions

    the one on the top is acctually a button for your battery cover, if you push it the back pops off.

    if that is not the right slot it is a slot for your memory card micro SD.

    i am not sure about the exact type of cord you need but it should tell you in your user manual.

    i am nut sure about the durability though, i have only had the phone for a few weeks and so far all is well. (no sratches or anything)

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    Re: LG shine questions

    The LG Shine comes with Bluetooth Technology which allows the user to enjoy a wireless connection between their LG Shine & any Bluetooth compatible device including a wireless headset. The phone comes with a USB connection which allows the user to connect their phone to their home or office PC using a USB cable which makes transferring file easily for the user. The user can use their phone as the LG Shine comes with tri band technology which works over GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900. The phone will automatically switch better GSM network bands without the user knowing.

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    Re: LG shine questions

    I've had my Shine for about two months and aside from the expected small scratches on the screen the phone has held up pretty well. I have dropped it a few times however it seems to have faired well. I got a 4 gig micro sd card from Meritline.com for bout 30 bucks. I was dumping my files from pc to phone via a Bluetooth usb dongle however this proved to be very slow. For like 15 bucks you can get a card reader at Best Buy which will resolve the problem.

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