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    I have an LG enV that is answering calls all by itself. Four times now I have had my phone in my purse and set to silent, received a call, the call appeared under my missed calls, I called the person back, and they wanted to know why I had answered their call but not said anything! They swear up and down that someone answered the phone . . . one person was even able to tell me what song was playing on my radio! This is so bizarre. Anyone know what's happening?

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    Re: My phone is answering calls all by itself!

    What the hell :lol: I am also not understanding what is the problem.I am helpless.

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    Re: My phone is answering calls all by itself!

    Is there a setting that you have and is set to auto-answer...

    My Lg Shine has something similar to that with "Auto - With Headset"...

    Do you have some sort of Bluetooth headset?

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    Re: My phone is answering calls all by itself!

    yeah exactly she might have turn something on in the mobile settings .. recheck the settings

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    Re: My phone is answering calls all by itself!

    same problem.

    i've only had the phone for one month. when i bought it, i don't believe i had this problem...but i was in thailand working and was quite busy...and it's quite possible that i was only receiving text messages and no phone calls (i don't remember).

    i did have a problem with the battery not charging. sometime shortly after a cellphone repair shop in bangkok opened the phone and fixed the battery problem, i noticed the problem of the phone never ringing (despite the fact that the ring volume is at its maximum level).

    99% of the time the phone answers itself with no ring. the other 1% of the time it goes immediately to a missed call. it doesn't matter whether it's in my pocket or lying on a table or even in my hand while i watch it (i've tried calling myself from another phone while holding the phone).

    i've checked the settings. Under call settings, "auto answer" is "off". i tried turning it "on" just in case somehow something caused it to be reversed...but that didn't work...so i returned it to "off".

    just in case it had anything to do with it, i turned "any key answer" off too - but that didn't have any effect.

    i also thought maybe it had something to do with the phone shaking, so, under "ringtone settings" i turned off "vibrate" - but that didn't have any effect.

    i can't think of any other possibilities - anyone?

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    Re: My phone is answering calls all by itself!

    I have the Lg cookie and its calling and answering phone calls by its self ! Im soon going to buy a good phone and I will not have these problems

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