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    Hi all .. i read a bit through and didnt see anything exactly like my problem, so here it is:

    I just got a new LG rumor, im trying to put ringtones on it, i downloaded a few diff. free programs for cutting and converting my ringtones to the m4a format, i do not have blue tooth on my computer or a cable so i put my 2 gig micro sd in the slot and put all the stuff on there.

    When i go through, it has all the m4a files and can play them in the media center,however, when i try to assign tones to people it just says "no ringers found!"

    i have also tried wavs, and originally mp3s (which i now know wont work)

    ive made my own tones a million times for my old phone which was a motorlla ic502 (anyone wanna by one by the way)? as well as other phones over the years...

    my only theory as to the problem is that maybe it cant use stuff on a memory card as a ringer?

    can anyone please tell me what i am doing wrong ?

    thanks -Jonny

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    Re: What am i doing wrong? Lg Rumor question

    how long are you triming your ringtones? and how much are you asking for your 502?

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