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    Hello I really hope somebody can help me here !!

    I have been using my LG KU990 to transfer music form my computer, to the phone using a USB cable and LG PC Suite, with no problem whatsoever, up until now. Then all of a sudden the phone goes to connect when I select music manager, then immediately disconnects itself. Not two seconds earlier, it was working fine, then all of a sudden it’s decided not too. I have try un-installing and re-installing just in case, although that would not explain why it was working just two seconds previously, but you try anything I guess. Its driving me nuts, how can it work one minute and not the next? I'd prefer it, if it had never worked at all. I have an external memory card with plenty of spare capacity.

    Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Have also tried reseting the phone to factory, settings but still no luck.
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Phone Disconnecting When Accessing Music Manager


    I have exactly the same problem. You managed to sort it out and if so please help


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