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    Hey all, this is my first post in these forums so I suppose this is my hello post as well. I've never been that interested in Cell Phones but I have recently purchased an AX380 Wave to replace my old brick of a cell phone, and for the most part I'm in love with it.

    Anyway, I took the SD Card out of my Wii (It's a SD card, with a MicroSD card adapter) to see if I could play music on my Cell phone with it. I put it in my computer and formated it, put an album (in mp3 form) on the card and put it in my phone.

    The phone recognizes that there is indeed an SD card in the port, but whenever I go into the Music section in "My Media" it goes into an initializing phase and then the phone just turns off. Even trying the external buttons it does the same thing.

    If I don't have the charge cable in the phone just resets (turns on and off).

    My provider is Alltell if that matters with my situation.

    Is there a certain kind of software I need to put on the MicroSD card? Is my phone not working? Or am I just a numskull when it comes to Cell Phones?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Problem with MicroSD Card in the AX380 Wave

    Format the SD card in your phone not the computer then remove it and put your music on it then re-insert it and it should bring it up.

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