I am trying to use an unlocked LG Trax on T-Mobile in the US. The voice dialling/voicemail works fine.

I am having trouble setting up the phone to send MMS messages. Clearly the old ATT settings do not work, but I am able to send SMS without problems with those settings selected as the MMS message centre (The T-mobile SMS message centre has the appropriate number in its own settings).

I have used to T-Mobile Online configurator to set up MMS, but when I change the MMS Message Center to the T-Mobile settings I've received, even my SMS editing gets broken:

When I try to type a character of a new message, I get an information box that says "Max size exceeded" and I am unable to type. I am also unable to insert anything apart from a subject for the message.

My settings for the MMS Message Centre are below.

Does anyone have any ideas?

MMSC URL: http : //
(note: the anti-spam engine is blocking me from sending above link, i have inserted the spaces around http)
MMSC Proxy:
MMSC Port: 8080
Connection Mode: TCP with Proxy
Network Profile: T-Mo MMS

The settings for Settings/Connection/Network Profiles are

Connection Title: T-Mo MMS
Bearer: GPRS
Authentication: No auth
Username: blank
Password: blank
APN: wap.voicestream.com

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