I'm new here (just found this place of google), and I accidently broke my phone earlier today. Basicly I "accidently" threw it out of anger at the ground, and then the outher case kinda broke... Yes, very stupid, and very long story why I was so angry. Getting to the point, the phone works right now (I can dial numbers, access all menus, blah blah ect.), but both screens are blue and I can't see anything... When It first happened niether screen would light up, and the phone would not make any Noises or anything. The only thing that would happen was the numbers would light up. I am a cell phone noob I would say, but I have worked in small scale RC cars and such, so I decided to open it up and poke around. I poked around a bit, put the battery back in, and turned it back on. As soon as the phone warmed up and turned on, it worked fine except the screens were blue... Now I am just wondering what I should do... Any help?


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