Yesterday I was playing soccer and left my cell phones in me sports bag. Then my brother retured to the bag and drank gatorade and left it in the same pocket i left the cellphones in and forgot to close the lid completely. When i returned around 30 mins later the cellphones were soaking in gatorade. I took them out and took the batteries out of each one and put it back in. one of them started to vibrate non stop. The other ones screen opened to show some strange screen and then closed off. I took both the batteries out and now i dont know how to fix it because i remember when i bought the phone the seller told me i have a warranty to anything but water damage. Can someone please tell me how to (if there is an way) to fix the phone or make it look like its not water damage. you can easily tell because you see gatorade droplets in the screen and the slide barely works. (you have to basically push it up all the way). Both the phones were LG shines (tu-720).

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