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    I have to share this with you guys. Its shame for LG customer support.
    I bought a KE850 (Prada) in November 2008, and the phone was working fine. As everyone knows, there is 12 month manufacturer warranty on the phone. Well, two weeks ago, the phone shuts down by its self. I tried to turn it back ON but only flash keeps blinking and thatís it. The phone does not want to even turn the screen ON. I never dropped the phone or anything. I had all possible protection for that phone. It like new looking. I tried the new battery but same thing happens.
    So, this is where it gets interesting.
    Because of the 12 month warranty, I tried to get LG fix it for free because I think its defect. Some other people with the same phone had the same problem. Because I live in US, I called US LG customer support. They told me that they do not support that phone in US and that I have to call UK LG customer support. They will be able to help me. So, I do that and UK support tells me, that because I did not bought the phone in UK, that they cannot help me.
    So next day I call back US customer support again and tell them what UK support told me. Then, they direct me to call Canada LG customer support. I do that, and the same thing happens. They are even surprised that US support does not want help me with the issue. I call back US support and they tell me to call Hong Kong support and talk to them. I did send them an email and I am waiting to see what will happen.

    So if you live in US and have this phone, better watch out for that LG support because they will not help you.
    Just wanted to share this adventure with everyone because everyone deserve to know this and I donít think I will be buying any LG phone any time soon again.

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    Re: LG customer support for KE850..baaaaaaddd

    Just an update...
    talked to Hong Kong LG support and they told me the same crap as rest of them. So I am stuck with the phone and I have to take it to phone repair center and pay for repair.

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    Re: LG customer support for KE850..baaaaaaddd

    This is extremely annoying, I recieved the following email from LG Support about the exact same issues you guys are having.
    "Dear Customer

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Please kindly to bring your handset to our LG Hong Kong Customer Care Centre do the handset checking and provide the purchased invoice which should be issued by LG Authorized Sales Agent in Hong Kong. The address as below:

    Kowloon: Unit 1201, 12/F, Chow Tai Fook Centre, 580 A-F Nathan Road, Mong
    Hong Kong: Unit 301C, 3/F, Zung Fu Industrial Building, 1067 King's RD,
    Quarry Bay, H.K.

    Office Hour: Mon- Sat 11:00a.m.-8:00p.m.
    Sun & Public Holiday 12:00 p.m.-4:00p.m.

    And our care centre general line: 36940700/ 21562760

    Thank you for choosing LG mobile

    Thanks & Regards,
    LG Customer Care Center (Hong Kong)"

    I to have to repair out of pocket. This sucks.

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