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    I've just recently purchased a LG Voyager and am about to purchase a micro SD so I can put in videos and music. The micro SD that I will purchase will come with a USB 2.0 Mobile Mate Reader. I was wondering if i could put my micro SD into the Mobile Mate Reader and just open it up from My Computer and then just drag and drop the videos I want, safely remove it, and then take out the micro SD and just pop it back in my Voyager and be able to access the videos from there. I've never tried this process so I was wondering if it would work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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    Re: Micro SD Question - Help!

    That's how I do it. Granted I don't have the same reader however drag and drop is pretty ubiquitous in Windows so you prolly won't have any trouble.

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    Re: Micro SD Question - Help!

    Well that is how my one friend is doing it and he reckons that it is much quicker also.

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