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    I just recently picked up the LG AX830 (aka "Glimmer") and today got the USB cable I ordered off of eBay. I read the manual and it seemed as though it was fairly straightforward in how to get this going. I plugged the USB cable into my computer, and then into my phone, only to get this message one the phone, "Powering Down. Please Recharge" when I clearly have a full battery and then my Windows XP computer says "USB Device Not Recognized". I don't understand what is going on. The phone should work as a USB removable device, yet it seems as though something isn't right. Is it because its a eBay USB cable for the phone? Is it the phone?

    I need answers, please!

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    Re: LG AX830 Problems

    I got mine a couple of weeks ago and I love it! This is definitely Alltel's flagship phone for what I've seen.
    I'm using the internal memory so far, and I cannot find software to update or manage the frigging phone.
    I got the cable off ebay for $5 and it included a disk(SKY-01) which has drivers and software for Nextell phones only! and not Verizon or Alltel..
    Anyone have any suggestions?? I have searched everywhere, and the new BitPim, 1.06 release doesn't find my phone, just says another CDMA device connected. I managed to find a driver somewhere just can't find any software...Plz help me!

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