I bought this piece of crap phone on a whim because mine broke and I liked the look/mp3 capability. It is sort of a piece of crap though. One thing that is bothering me the most is even though it is an mp3 phone I dont see an option to change the ringers to mp3. Or anything at all really. There is absolutely NO support for this phone its like 3 people in American have one. Also named the KG240 in Europe and I dont see much support for it either. I can live with the phone but really want to change the ringer and maybe text message sound because the stock ones are utter garbage. I also cannot get pic messaging at all to work, people send me a pic and it is "receving" forever and nothing happens. I have t-mobile and had them send me settings for the KG240 which is close but I still cant get pics. Any way to do this?

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