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    Less than 2 months after having my LG musiq, I woke up one morning to find the screen was pure white and when I pressed the keypad it sounded like a machine gun it beeped so fast(pretty sure it made some long distance calls on me), making the phone an expensive paper weight. I called Virgin Mobile customer service and they told me it must be my fault and there must of been physical damage or it was left in the sun for a ridiculous amount of hours. The funny thing is I work for Future Shop in Canada selling.. phones! I told her as much and that I was never in the sun longer than 5 minutes a day let alone countless hours and that my phone never leaves my pocket. She said a technician had told her that he'd never heard of the problem I was having but they would send a repair kit in 5 days.

    A week and a half goes by, no package shows up and I get a calling telling me that my phone won't be fixed as they are sure I must of damaged it so they won't even send me a box to ship it in so they can look at it.

    I call them back and go through the whole scenario yet again! This time I am assured they will send me a repair box in 5 days or less. 2 weeks go by.. guess what.. NO BOX.

    For the third time I call and I'm absolutely furious, the CSR tells me that they decided yet again the phone must of been physically damaged ( I will show pics, the thing is unscathed I am obsessively careful with all my electronics, comes with working for FS I guess). She assures me they will send me a box in 5 days, I tell her no, that is total *beep* and asked to speak to a manager.

    "No manager is present I will put you on a list and the manager will call you back within 48 hours." That was 5 days ago now.

    Virgin Mobile has given me the worst customer service I have ever received and I have told every one of their potential customers that comes in as much. If they want to screw me out of a phone, I will screw them out of 50+ customers a week until something is done about this nonsense.

    In the mean time I went back to Rogers and use their service on a cheap phone. I am locked in for a 3 year contract with VM so it would cost me $10 a month to cancel, instead I'll buy a crap *beep* phone and use the service I guess. But I will let every customer I know exactly how badly Virgin treats their customers.

    I'll let you know if they ever call me back.

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    Re: Has Anyone Had This Problem With LG Musiq?

    no... mine LG is pretty fine working dude...

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    Re: Has Anyone Had This Problem With LG Musiq?

    really bad customer service

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    Re: Has Anyone Had This Problem With LG Musiq?

    Nope...I've had mine a year now and still works like the day I got it.

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