I baught a 8600 about a year ago now and this past summer have had problems with the charging and battery. So i brought it to an Altell store and they said they would send me a new phone because they thought my charging port was broken. So i got my new phone, free of charge and everything worked fine until i got a package in the mail just a few days ago. In the package was my old phone and some papers that said i had to return the replacement phone because it wasn't covered by the warranty. I guess some how i wrecked the phones charging port... ummm maybe by pluging it in to charge? i don't know but anyway i'm sending the replacement phone back.

So i decided to pull apart the phone and really see whats wrong with it. so when i open it up the charging port falls out. the 20 or so wires that charge it and hold it on the main board on the phone are destroyed. i'm going to try and solder them back on but i'm not sure if its going to work.

I'm a little mad at how altell decided it was my fault for breaking these wires inside the phone but i'll have to say the ax8600 was never my favorite phone. Anyone got any ideas? i was thinking about going back to my old phone but its about 3 years old.

Comments..? what should i do?

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