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    Hi, I bought this phone for Christmas and now I am having some problems, which are really embarrassing... First, that phone restarts when I try to play wav audio file, don't event know if it is compatible. But bigger problem is that, all my videos has slower sound, so it doesn't goes as one (video and audio). So I see video more first than audio, so audio keeps behind... I hope you understand Problem is that even my captured videos with this phone has same problems... I thought maybe bitrate is too high when I convert my videos to 3gp or mp4, but also camera does the same. So I think problem is in the phone. What should I do? I have V10c software. As I know it's newest

    I have also installed 4GB memory card SDHC, and when I'm trying to download file bigger than my built in side memory (about 50MB) via bluetooth it says that there is not enough space, but I have free 3GB memory on card. Is there are any setting that would change primary location of downloads to straight memory card, not through built in side memory.

    Please help me =)

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    Re: LG KP500 problems... Need help =)

    hiya got lg kp 500 brand new / the screen keeps freezin up all buttons work / press screen nawt
    happens / take battery out / clean put back sometimes works / pain in arse

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