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    LG’s is now offering the Wine that showcases a glossy clamshell phone with a small 1.3” external display. The Wine does not have EV-DO support, but it is does have a GPS, a 2.2” QVGA internal display and a 1.3-megapixel camera. This phone has only four shortcut keys, a large numeric keypad and features a high fidelity speakerphone. You can get the LG Wine in either Red or Silver for $30 after a contract and mail-in rebate.

    via: U.S. Cellular offers LG Wine (Phone Arena)

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    Re: LG Wine

    in case you want to get it without a contract, we offer this stylish phone unlocked.

    We are also giving out a $12 discount to cellphoneforums members. Use the promo code "cellphoneforums" during checkout

    Find out more: Unlocked LG KF300 Wine

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    Re: LG Wine

    Well I just got this Phone from US Cellular the other day.
    Ok. My review.
    It is a nice phone for looks, and the menues are nice, and easy after you play with it a bit. Sound is ok, and very loud if your hard of hearing.
    2 problems.
    First is... If you use the speaker phone the person your talking to will hear an echo.
    This is very annoying.
    Second is.... I loose signal a lot.
    I am lucky to get 1 bar here.
    I had no problems with my AT&T Nokia phone in this area.
    Most times full signal bars.
    It looks like I will be bringing this phone in for a exchange tomorrow.

    Ok brought phone back, and they changed some settings.
    Phone still has the echo problem, and always will I guess. Not a problem for me.
    Signal is a bit better at home, but it has a real good signal most everywhere else I go. Better than my AT&T service was......
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