I'm getting a new phone from verizon in a week or so. My current phone is the LG 3300 which is 4 years old. As you can tell I used my phone until it didn't function as it used too, it drops calls where it didn't used to. So this phone should at least last 4 years as I'm getting ready to go to college so I can't buy new ones so easily as before. I don't want the env2 or voyager because they're are too big. I was thinking either the dare and the brand new 8360. Help me decide. I text in class ocassionly and need a phone that is small to conceal. My main concern about the dare is the touch screen is it going to last? If not I can get the 8360 which is my first choice since my phone falls out of my pocket once in a while. HELP ME CHOSE!!!

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