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    I purchased a brand new "unlocked" LG Viewty KE 990.

    I currently live in Oklahoma City area and use AT&T.

    I put my sim card into the phone and it does not get the AT&T signal (but it did recognize my phone book).

    I called AT&T... they tried to help me somewhat... but they couldn't send me to tech support because they do not support that phone. They told me I should contact LG.

    I called LG and they said that the phone was created to work in another country and that it was not possible to work in the US.

    I bought this on eBay... I have emailed the seller to ask for a refund. But, I thought I would come on here and see if anyone knew of a way to get it to work in the US.

    Thanks in advance!

    See More: Help with LG Viewty on AT&T

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    Re: Help with LG Viewty on AT&T

    I purchased my unlocked KU990 Viewty in Taipai and just inserted an AT&T Mobility (Northern Calif) SIM card into it and all voice, calendar, address book, etc. functions worked immediately. I then had to follow "Access Point Setup" and "Browser Settings" described below to get the web functions to work. In addition, I had to do a "Java Web Setup" to get the Java web applications such as Opera Mini, Google Maps and Google Mail to work.

    "Access Point Setup" (Phone Settings -> Connectivity -> Access Point)
    Connection title: ATT
    Bearer: GPRS
    Authentication: PAP
    Username: [email protected] GPRS.com
    Password: CINGULAR1
    APN: wap.cingular

    Note: Username & password are all Caps

    "Browser Settings" (Browser -> Settings -> Profiles)
    Service name: Media Net
    Homepage: (whatever home page address you want)
    Connection mode: TCP without proxy
    IPP Address: -
    Proxy server port: -
    Security: Not secure
    Access Point: ATT

    "Java Web Setup" (Games & Apps -> Settings -> Add New)
    Service Name: WebJavaAps (or whatever you want to call it)
    Connection mode: TCP without proxy
    IP address: -
    Proxy server port: -
    Access points: ATT

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    Re: Help with LG Viewty on AT&T

    Im trying to find a nice "digital camera/cell phone", and I just got this LG KE990. At first, the "ATT" customer care helped me to get regular text messages to work, but I still couldnt send or receive picture messages. I tried the solution as described here, but it still not working for me.
    Well, Im not sure what to fill on some of the areas, IP per example: Does "-" means leave it blank? or, im supost to put something in there?
    Also, last cell I had was a V3XX 3G, and I never got the email to work. What am I supost to use as "proxys" and stuff? Can I send pics from my email instead?
    Could someone help me to get anywere closer than what this post did?

    Also, is there any nice camera phones currently among US carriers? by that I mean with flash and higher megapixels.

    Would a KU990 work better? Would it work in 3G?
    Thank you very much.
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