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    LG has chosen the company, Discretix, to provide them with integrated protection for their new LTE chipsets. Discretix, which provides CryptoCell security, ensures a trusted environment for the coming era of high-definition video and streaming, ultra-high speed downloads and much more.

    Below is the official release:

    Discretix’ CryptoCell will provide a robust and far-reaching solution for LG Electronics’ LTE chipsets. As the world’s most widely deployed embedded security technology for mobile devices, CryptoCell offers an outstanding level of security while overcoming the challenges of performance, power consumption and silicon footprints. The flexible technology is designed to support the growth of DRM, device management, secure protocols and commerce, and can be deployed across a wide range of products and operating systems to meet changing market requirements for security.

    via: Discretix CryptoCell® Security Platform for 4G LTE Chipsets

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