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    i have a webslider and it says i am able to get msn but i dont no what the link is to go to. would someone please just post the link

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    Re: msn on webslider

    Hey, you cant actually get it off your pc. (maybe you can but it is probably heaps harder )
    What you have to do is go into your internet browser on the phone, and open options and scroll down to enter address, i cant remember its something like that then type in: ebuddy.com you can access msn through that, but it costs money or your free downloads. the best option is to download it. there should be a download link on the page. my phones out of battery so i cant check haha. but yeah its not hard to find. just click on it blah blah, and it will ask you were to download it to, just click on apps. then it will download you may need to create an ebuddy id. which you can do via the mobile.

    thats all you need to know

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