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    I'm interested in getting this phone but I want to know how sturdy and durable is the outside hardware. I've read other places about the phone feeling and looking like a toy that came out of the cereal box. I know it's light weight but does it feel like cheap plastic. It has some really good features that I need and want but I'm rough on phones so I need to know if it will tear up easily. And help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Help with Lg CF360

    I have had mine for about four months and so far it it good. I am SUPER hard on phones (dropping, smashing, etc) and have been happy with this one. It has a sort of rubbery edge to the face and side, so it think it handles shocks a little better. The plastic face does get minor scratches easy, but it is a plastic face.

    Over all, this is a great basic phone. I use it only as a phone and an emergency camera, but it is great for those two things.

    hope this helps

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