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    first off i'll start by saying im in the uk and dont know much about phones

    i've been looking a the LG Cookie as a present for my girlfriend, it looks perfect for her.
    she currently has an O2 simplicity contract (sim only). after speaking to a couple of different shops around my local area i've been told that you cant mix a non contract phone with a contract sim or the other way round. it seems that i cant buy this phone anywhere for a contract holder without buying a whole new contract with it and i dont want to do that, after telling the guy in O2 this he basicly showed me the door

    is this true about not being able to mix the non contratc phones with contract sims?? is there anyway around this?


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    Re: trouble getting hold of the LG Cookie

    hi u can buy this phone to your girl it will work perfect this is cheap phone with great features great choice
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