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    My LG Voyager seems OK, but there is one very annoying problem. Whenever someone in my contact list calls the phone doesn't "ring", but a very soft voice says "Call from (Name)". It's virtually impossible to hear, even with the volume turned up all the way, and especially if there is any ambient noise or the phone is in it's holster. I've tried assigning ring tones to some of the contacts, but that didn't work. I've also gone through the manual, and can't find any way to change it to just play a ringtone. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Substituting a Ringtone for Contact Voice?

    I have had a phone that I used the voice/name audio ring. You may have a default setting that is allowing this. I believe you should look for a setting to disable that function and then set your desired ringtones. Good luck

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